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  2. Customer Observation and Trend Research

    Dive deep in business value with user personas, context, and market insights generated from the customer feedback.
    • Customer Personas

      Customer insight is our trump card. We observe the behavior of a target customer in a certain context with our partner’s business goal in heart, which leads us to find new market opportunities and rational tactic strategy.
    • Multi-context Study

      User experience context study exists not only on a digital product but also takes place in the before-using and after-using scenarios. We align digital product experience with the user context, which strengthens the brand voice.
    • Customer Journey

      Business KPIs are the lighthouse to the overall customer experience journey visualization. We spot customer experience opportunities and pain-points along with a customized journey map.
    • Trend Research

      Trend observation report clears rocks for business on the profit-making road. We offer astute trend research services on the digital product design level, the marketing level, and the industry edge level.

    Product Experience Innovation

    Centralize user experience addressing the digital product experience innovation.
    • B2C Digital Product Design

      Each touchpoint has its position and mission. We value the details in the touchpoint audit and redesign them using the user’s language to impact the user making a further decision.
    • B2B Digital Design

      Efficiency, for both internal management efficiency and external collaboration, is the soul in toB product design. With years of experience in toB digital product design, we are able to design experience on a system level for a greater win.
    • Fundamental Smart Tool Design

      Smart technology accelerates design to become creative and humanized. We leverage data and technology to make our design more meaningful.

    Service Design on
    the System Level

    Leverage brand, and space and digital product to create the bonding between the business goal and their customer demand.
    • Service Strategic Planning

      Delivery brand culture and value along the service process on all channels. We create the overall service experience with surprises during the service, and retention plans afterward for the customers.
    • Retail Service Design

      Retail space is one of the key elements to connect the brand and the service. We upgrade the retail experience with environmental triggers, interior design, spacial visual design, and service brochure design, etc.
    • Public Service Design

      Simplicity and efficiency are two major success in public service design. We generate user’s demand in the public service and center them to achieve a greater community value throughout the entire design process.

    Business Strategy
    for Super User

    Create and hone membership experience system to achieve new user recruitment, user retention, active user numbers, and product innovation.
    • Membership System for Growth

      As the market mindset switches from platform traffic to user retention, we re-design and engage the system with new meanings and experience planning from aspects related to the brand, such as currency, benefit, growth, and tasks.
    • Digital Touchpoint Planning for Sales

      Digital touchpoint carries both product functionality and the brand value to the customer. We prepare the sales touchpoint for the key valued user with stories of quality content and juicy brand culture.
    • Offline Experience Design for Retail

      Customer emotion reflects their satisfaction with a service. To maximize the sales effect, we use the emotional experience curve along with the customer growth curve to guide the offline shopping experience design for retails.

    Brand Strategy for
    the NEXT Trend

    Empower a brand, with a Story, combined a customer’s demand and their behavior, to trigger the storytelling on the emotional level.
    • Positioning and Communication Strategy

      User persona is a key to quickly understand the communication between the shifting market and the product user. We produce precise user persona for further opportunity analysis purposes.
    • Brand Image & The Voice

      The Storytelling of a brand not only takes place in the visual but also in communication. Starting from the brand touchpoint to identity architecture, we transform between the images and the voice to create positive recognition.
    • Online/Offline Commerce Experience

      The success of the commerce experience is to install permanent memory in a customer’s mind. We combine business strength to design brand interaction in both the online and offline environments.

    Agile Management and
    Strategic Consulting

    Accelerate UX empowering management efficiency by building the internal UX measurement system, to lower the cost of product iteration.

    • UX Measurement System

      Product and service iteration comes often costly due to the uncertainty from the consumer side. Our UX Measurement system can help any corporation break down an unexpected phenomenon into pieces and make smart iteration decision to win the royalty in a dynamic marketing environment.
    • UX Empowering Efficiency

      UX Empowering Planning fuels up a corporation’s success by improving management efficiency and quality. We prep our valued partners for handling dynamic marketing challenges by infusing UX Thinking in business management.
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